Dwell in the Scriptures this year - with your CCMV church family. 

We're starting off on New Year's Day!

here's the plan. . . 

Listen Through the Bible This Year - Starting on Jan 1

This year, we hope you'll join us as we listen through the Bible using the Dwell Scripture Listening App. Dwell is a subscription-based  app that we can offer to our CCMV Family at no cost through a church account. It features a number of through the Bible plans, as well as some great playlists - everything from listening through single books, to collections of Scripture passages that focus on particular needs. For example, there are playlists for "I'm Feeling Discouraged," I'm Feeling Anxious," or "I'm Feeling Afraid." Each playlist features different Bible passages which provide encouragement in those areas. The Dwell app is a great way to help people integrate the Scriptures in different areas of their lives and times in their days (exercise, chores, driving, etc). 

But never fear, there is also a read-along component for those who are hesitant to want to listen, although there is something wonderful that happens as we develop the discipline of becoming listeners and "hearers" of the Word of God. For our 2023 Through the Bible journey as a church family, we'll be using the Chronological Plan, offered on the Dwell app. It's a wonderful way to read through the entire Bible in the order the events actually occurred. For those who don't want to Dwell (listen) with us, we've made the plan available in a printable version.  

To join the plan, you simply need to send an email to us at and we'll send you the unique sign-up link for our group. 




Our hope is to continue to make this corporate listening plan a foundational piece of our life together this year as a CCMV church community. We are encouraging people to listen together and to make what we're hearing and what we're learning a focal point for our fellowship with one another.