"The Spirit gives life. . . The words I have spoken to you - they are full of the Spirit and life."  John 6:63

through the bible in a year

Give yourself a gift this year - read through the Bible with your CCMV church family. 

We're starting off on New Year's Day!

here's the plan. . . 


We're corporately using a reading plan offered by Bible.com and the YouVersion Bible app. The plan features helpful book introduction and theme videos created by The Bible Project. You'll read two or three chapters a day, sometimes skimming through larger portions with extended genealogies, census information, etc. Each time you begin a new book, you'll be able to watch a short illustrated video that will help to explain the major themes, context, and story of what you're about to read. This can make all the difference in helping you to unlock your understand and stay on track! There are also some helpful videos on major Bible doctrines that are included in your reading schedule from time to time.




Throughout the year, we'll pair the reading program with the teachings at our Wednesday night ReGroup service. Each week, we'll teach through an important chapter from the previous week's reading, connecting that chapter with the overall flow of the book and historical period. We'll also have opportunities for some discussion about the chapter and what we've read that week.


Our hope is to make this 20/20 Bible Focus a foundational piece of our life together this year as a CCMV church community. We are encouraging people to read together in groups and to make what we're reading and what we're learning a focal point for our fellowship with one another.

here's how to get involved. . . 

1. Pick-up a copy of our custom CCMV reading plan from the Info Table or download a copy here. We've developed the plan uniquely so that it is consistent with The Bible Project One Year Plan on Bible.com in the YouVersion app. If you use this hard copy plan, you can access the videos here, and you're all set to start on January 1.


2. If you'd like to read along electronically, you can go to Bible.com or download the YouVersion app available for both iOS and Android. It's free and looks like a brown Bible. Go to the "Plans" icon and then to the Find Plans tab. Search for "The Bible Project" and choose the "The Bible Project I The Bible." Choose the green "Start Plan" button and select the "With Friends" option. Even if you choose not to invite friends, this will allow you to select a start date of Jan 1. Alternately, you can do this on New Year's Day, so that you start that day. If you start later, though, you'll be off schedule.

If you choose to read along using the YouVersion App or Bible.com, you'll be able to take advantage of some of the features like the ability to choose your translation, and even to have the daily Scriptures selections read aloud to you. The video, also, are conveniently embedded right into the daily reading segments.

Whatever way you want to join in, the important thing is to jump in and do your best. If you miss a day or two, it's OK to jump back-in right where you're scheduled to be! Or, if you can take the time, enjoy the opportunity to spend some extra time with the Lord to catch-up.